Thalasso Treatments

Thalasso Treatments

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Indocean: Complete relaxing ritual based on the oriental theory of perfect harmony of body and mind; this ritual includes four stages: Mediterranean (body exfoliation), Egypt (milk bath), India (body massage applying Asian and Ayurveda techniques) and China (regenerating body wrap).

Lomi-Lomi: This is a body massage with coconut oil applying harmonic movements with the forearms to the rhythms of Hawaiian background music; it has a great balancing and invigorating effect.

NEW! Diamond Magnetic: This is a luxury body ritual combining gem therapy and magneto therapy. The treatment includes a body exfoliation with diamond powder and a vitalizing massage which helps to loosen tensions.


Two by Two: It provides you with the possibility of sharing the experience with your partner while enjoying a synchronized Swedish massage given by two therapists in a massage room for two.

Deep Tissue: This is a massage with profound pressure movements indicated for persons with highly developed muscles, such as sportsmen.

Mothers-to-be: This relaxing massage with smooth movements is recommended to alleviate discomforts and aches of pregnancy; it improves blood circulation of the legs.

Reflexology Massage: It consists of a soft stimulation of the reflex points on the soles of your feet with the aim of loosening tensions and help to re-balance your body.


NEW! Chiro-Golf Massage: A body massage given with golf balls; it helps to loosen muscle tensions, to improve flexibility and to recover physical energy.


Corallium Exfoliating Body Treatment: Includes an intense exfoliation with reaffirming action. The result is a calmed and soft skin.

Detox with Green Tea: It helps to eliminate toxins of the whole organism and to expulse fat deposits. The treatment includes peeling, envelopment and body massage using green tea products.

Vichy Shower: Application of different showers which act simultaneously from feet to head joined by a relaxing massage.


Corallium active facial hygiene: Make-up removing, peeling, deep skin cleansing, digit-pressure massage and facial mask.

Facial for men: Skin cleansing, peeling, massage and special facial mask for men.

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