Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

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AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Use of essencial oils for therapeutic effect. Includes full body massage helping to reduce stress an tensions.

TANDEM MASSAGE FOR HEAD & FEET: Drift away while head and feet are being massaged at the same time. The ultimate in total relaxation .

TWO BY TWO: Share your treatment experience with your partner by having a body massage with two therapists in the same room.

NEW! Diamond Magnetic: This is a luxury body ritual combining gem therapy and magneto therapy. The treatment includes a body exfoliation with diamond powder and a vitalizing massage which helps to loosen tensions.


FOUR HAND MASSAGE: Two therapists work in perfect harmony to provide a unique massage that enhances your well-being

AQUATSU: Feel the tension leave your body when the therapist moves you through the water, stimulating energies and reducing stress.

GOLFER´S ENERGIZER LUXURY: Hydrotherapy bath, back massage, arms and legs

NEW! Chiro-Golf Massage: A body massage given with golf balls; it helps to loosen muscle tensions, to improve flexibility and to recover physical energy.


STONE THERAPY MASSAGE: This treatment combines special massage techniques with hot and cold stones and oils. Its aim is to balance emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

REIKI: Vitalizes body and soul, relieves stress, loosens p blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation.

SHIATSU: An ancient Japanese art of massage, in which are used thumb and palm pressure along the meridian and energy points to move your interior energies.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: A deep massage of head, neck and shoulders, ideal for persons suffering headaches or migraines.

THAI MASSAGE: Recommended to persons with very little physical activities; the therapist will do stretching of muscles and articulations.


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